Lexis Parker

Lexis Parker was born and raised in the Huntington Jewelers family and joined full-time in June 2011. She has multiple accreditations from GIA, including a degree of Graduate Pearls, Diamond Essentials, Jewelry Essentials and is working towards becoming an Accredited Jewelry Professional. Lexis has also earned an Associates of Art Degree from Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts.

Lexis has over 10 years of jewelry experience and was very excited to join the family business. Lexis uses her creativity and ability to visualize to help her customers celebrate many special occasions. Lexis also serves as the PANDORA Manager for Huntington Jewelers and uses her vast knowledge in the world of PANDORA to help customers capture unique and important memories.

In her free time, Lexis enjoys spending time with her growing family, creating delicious pastries and desserts, traveling and running.